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Discussion in 'Bruce Bump Knives' started by Bruce Bump, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Bruce Bump

    Bruce Bump Forum Owner-Moderator

    You're welcome Jason!! Welcome to the family. :)
  2. Bruce Bump

    Bruce Bump Forum Owner-Moderator

    Just an update on my file guides.
    I am making them personally again. Benton is winding down however still has a few to finish up. He took a really good job at Pro-build and cant put in the time he used to. So if anybody wants one please email me at
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  3. KCorn

    KCorn Well-Known Member

    Still making the file guides Bruce? I've got a good friend of mine that is getting into knifemaking too. He asked me what tools he absolutely had to have after his grinder and I told him I would never want to be without my Bruce Bump file guide! Let me know if you have any around still. Thanks!
  4. Michael Franks

    Michael Franks New Member

    Hello all,
    Is it still possible to get a file guide? I am a new knife maker and need all the help and guidance possible. Thanks for the forum.

  5. Bruce Bump

    Bruce Bump Forum Owner-Moderator

    Sorry to be slow on this reply,
    Yes I still do make file guides and can sell you one. Please check your personal messages. I check my email several times per day at
  6. Taryn

    Taryn Member

    I just emailed you about one as well
    Instagram - windriverwild
  7. wdtorque

    wdtorque Well-Known Member

    Recently got my file guide. First impression = Solid, well built, quality
    Love it so far. Granted I don't know squat about making knives, I'm way glad I got this file guide. At least I can get part of the knife even now!
    Thanks Bruce and Brian
  8. Bruce Bump

    Bruce Bump Forum Owner-Moderator

    thanks for the business. This file guide will be useful for a variety of even grinds. :)
  9. KCorn

    KCorn Well-Known Member

    One of the best tools I've ever purchased. I still cannot believe how easy it makes getting perfectly aligned plunge lines. I am also the proud owner of one of Mr. Bump's handle broaches. Both are phenomenal and I highly recommend them!! (Bruce--will that review suffice for the free knife you promised me?) Haha! Just kidding guys!
  10. Bruce Bump

    Bruce Bump Forum Owner-Moderator

    Yes, thanks for the review. I will put you on the list. heeeheee ya right!
  11. greggmwhite

    greggmwhite New Member

    Bruce, I want to buy a file guide whenever you have one available. I have a friend/fellow knifemaker that swears by your file guide. Please PM me when you have inventory and I can PayPal you. Thanks. Gregg
  12. Bruce Bump

    Bruce Bump Forum Owner-Moderator

    Thanks for checking out our product.
    Our oldest son Brian is making a batch about every other month and he will contact you when this next batch is finished. It will be very soon as he is coming here this week. You should email him at just in case I drop the ball.
  13. Von Gruff

    Von Gruff Well-Known Member

    I got one of your guides about 6 months back and have to say how pleased I am with it. It is an essential part of knifemaking as far as I am concerned and so far ahead of the hardened steel guide I had been using that they can hardley both be lumed into the same category of helpfull tools. There is just a slight missalignment of the guide pins in mine though as I have to have one end marked so I can open the guide (sort of) easily. It will not budge if trying to open from the center or the other end so it is pressure directly against the top end guide pin or a tap on the bench at that end to open it. Just a little inconvenience in a tool that shows such precission but something to be aware of to check before sending them out to customers.

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