Free Give Away - One of our new Pivot Laps

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We are giving away one of our new Pivot Laps.
If you make folders, you will want one...See here for more details..
You just need to reply to this message and say you are in.
For a bonus, if your entry has a good quote line from the old Mayberry RFD show, I'll throw in some extra pivots.

The fine print:

  • One entry only please.
  • If you buy one before the contest is over and you win, I will refund your purchase.
  • Your message post number will be your number.
  • Winner will be selected from
  • Winner selected from all entries by 7pm next Monday night.
I'm in and my RFD quote is from Goober Pyle "which is me by the way".
"You don't sweat much for a fat girl."
Count me in Andy.

"Andy (Boss), you son of a gun." as said by Barney (Me). For the record, Barney carries more than one bullet these days.

"That's just peachy Thelma Lou."
"How'd you expect me to give him a sobriety test Andy... he was too drunk ??!"

count me in
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You know what... "Scratch me on the contest.... a) I don't know if that's an accurate Barney quote, and b) if i had the luck to win I'd be embarrassed 'cause wouldn't know what to do with it. Thanks for the chance though.
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