Gadzooks! New forum software is installed

I only visit a few websites, and like the way RFC is set up better than any other vBulletin web site. My opinion. Dozier
Change is the only permanent thing on earth.

Notice the Yahoo icon under my title, Tracy? I think that is the social networking you referred to. I had Yahoo Instant Messenger info in my profile here.
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The new theme is fine, but the colors, the light blue for instance, and the lighter colored letters in our Profiles...are kind of hard to see, and for those of us with problematic eyes, it's hard to read. Can the colors be changed to a darker color, and enlarged, at least in our own Profile areas so our messages can be read without problems?
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Is anybody else having trouble staying logged in. I have to log in each time and it does weird stuff trying to log in. Tells me I entered wrong user name or password but the info is there for me to click and log in.

I think I have that problem at work. Sure felt like it, but then much hunting at home found a way to make things work so I'm not sure.
Home is Windows Firefox, work is Linux Firefox so there may be a real difference.
Well, I liked the other version better (I had become quite comfortable with it). The only draw back I am finding with the update is that it's slower than the previous version. It takes much more time for pages to load.
I have added a couple darker 'skins'
At the bottom of the page, lower left, see the pull down and change the skin. I'll throw up a couple more quick ones and then I'm done for tonight.
Dark2 is not bad, Can you change the blue to lime or regular green Then make where are post are read a medium to dark gray? But keep the black border/background.
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Wow, I just logged on (after numerous tries) and found this staring at me. Totally different and sort of hard to navigate and understand. But I'm sure that after 3 or 4 months of getting used to it I still won't like it.
I am not digging this new "upgrade" where is the link to "User CP"

If you're looking to use the function for your thread subscriptions it's in the upper right under the "settings" tab. There is an archery forum I belong to that has this version, I don't know if it's the version or just his site but I don't trust the "new posts" button there. The only real reason I pop in on that one is because I "know" him from another forum. He's had this version for several months, and I still don't like it, I mostly just lurk anymore.
I liked the old colors better,but find the grey skin easier on the eyes.
Overall,I find the old style easier to navigate and read.
I'll get used to this,but ain't gonna like it as much as before.