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Here's a 28" Katana I've been working on made from 5160 and spring tempered. What ya think ?



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Thank-you its my first sword. 90% done with files and sandpaper. I now wish I had used W2 and threw a nice hamon on the blade. OH well maybe on #2

Good to know. I am making something resembling a Dao that is from 1/4 5160. I will try to take pics this weekend. I have so much other stuff to do though that it is crazy right now. So far it looks good, but I have not heat treated yet and I probably am going to have to find someone with a bigger quench tank than mine. I really like the looks of this one though! Good work. I am trying to borrow a sen from a friend to do the fuller. dan

Just figured out that I sent you a knife from a KITH over on another forum. How is it doing? dan
(spear point s30V fighter with micarta handles)
Thanks Guys. Yes Dan I have the original camp spear. Working great. Got a few miles on her now and has yet to need sharpening. Excellent knife. As a matter of fact a friend of mine Hank ordered one from you. He loves it.

Need more pics of the sword!

Glad to hear the camp spear is going strong. (both of them!) I still have the template on the wall. Dan
Does not look like a WIP thread at all. Nice sword but this is not a WIP. John
Guess I should have put a very slow work in progress. This is not a how to thread WIP just meant it wasn't finished.
Hello sharp , I was wondering ? you did that sword with files and sandpaper . what did you use to put in that big bo hi ? traditionally its done with a specialized sen , nowadays they use a mill. they are normally polished with a mikagi rod . See pics. Just curious. Bubba