Kimmi's Cutlery Photos

Gene Kimmi

You have some great work here, Gene! I especially am interested in those paring knives up the page a ways. Are they carbon steel, or stainless? If they are carbon, do you have a problem with them rusting? How thick of steel do you use? Thanks!
Thank you. Those are out of 15N20. I haven't had any trouble with the ones we use, but they are washed and dried right after use. These end up about .050" at the spine when finished.

Gene Kimmi

Time for a picture dump! I've been super busy and haven't kept up with posting finished knives.

First is a BBQ knife I've been wanting to make. I had a local BBQ team that competes in local competitions want me to sponsor them. I made this one for the sponsorship. It's AEB-L with stabilized curly koa for the handle.

These are 3 EDC knives out of AEB-L. One with curly koa and cherry red liners, one with Patriot kirinite and the last has Patriot kirinite with red and white liners.

While I was at it, I made 2 of the same model out of 1095 and tried a clayed hamon. They didn't turn out as I expected, but I still like the look.

Next is a 9" filet knife out of AEB-L with toxic orange kirinite for a handle.

This is an 8" boning knife with clear stabilized curly maple scales that I dyed with leather dye and coated with tru-oil. The blade is AEB-L.

Last is a set of AEB-L kitchen knives with curly koa handles and curly maple bolsters. They are in a maple and walnut block I made.


Chris Railey

Those rule Gene. The hamons look good to me. I like that you never know what you are gonna get when you try a hamon its kind of like salt water fishing. You never know what you are gonna catch but they all have teeth. Excellent work, I wll be chasing you for a long time.

Von Gruff

That kirinite is something else again. The beauty of the handles takes the eye away from the blades but they are equally worth studying in detail. Great selection of knives (and the knife block) there Gene