Knifedogs Choice Awards this year?

Travis Fry

Well-Known Member
Are we doing this? I always look forward to this time of year because we get to see everyone's best work on display. I'd hate to miss out.

Brad Lilly

Moderator and Awards Boss
The categories are up and ready for nominations so everyone get your favorite knife up on there.

Here are a couple points I want to make, the maker nominated must be a knifedog. If your favorite maker is not a member on here please don't nominate them. An even better idea is to get them to join up, its free and painless.

I need to know the knifedogs forum name and real name of any nominee, if you don't know their real name that is not too big a deal but if "John doe" gets a nomination and he uses "xyz knives" as his knifedogs name I don't know that. In the past I have had a hard time tracking down people because I don't have anyway to contact them. Remember I confuse easily so spoon feed me information.

The knives that are eligible are ones that are made in 2015.

Any knifedog that gets a more than one nomination can only stand in two categories. The choice of the two catagories is up to the nominated maker.

You can nominate more than one knifemaker for any category and you can nominate yourself. If you are nominated and have better pictures of your knife by all means contact me and we will use them

To all the people who view these threads and don't vote or nominate anyone it sure would be nice to see you participate this year. More input is always better

If anyone has any questions or needs to contact me send me a PM or email

My apologies to everyone for being late this year.