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mike miller

Here is another of my attempts to make a decent folder. Walk and talk is perfect and pull is good. Now to work on making sure it is super tight. Fabulous AL May damascus is the center point with some nice mammoth ivory.


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HHH Knives

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Mike, 2thumbs That looks like a decent folder to me!! as a mater of fact it look really amazing. I like the damascus and the Overall knife! Great job!


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From a collectors point of view, it looks great. Not many with domed pivot pins now days, done more in the 70's, but I am so old, I love them.

Good job, well done,

Chris Martin

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Edit to add: I just had to do a double take....she is really good on the eyes Mike. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Mikey!!! She looks great2thumbs The one you brought over a couple weeks ago was nice....this one is a looker buddy.

So yeah, when you gonna teach me this folder game....LOL

Keep it up, Mike!!!

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Mike if you aren't sure it's decent, send it to me for a second opinion:DAs it sure looks the part.

Ryan Minchew

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Looking good Mike. I didn't notice it until you posted it on facebook. I dunno why but that carmel colored ivory is one of my favorite colors.