Need help naming a new damascus pattern.. This could be fun!!

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I saw the lava pushing up through the crust, the totems poles, and the Tiki before reading the other posts. I also saw pretty distinctly what looked like a cyclops with horns in a few spots. For that I might go with "Demon Eye". Where the column has opened up into circles in places it looks like a Rosary and I think "Penance" would be fitting. There is a bit of the "Rorschach" Psych test imaging there too.
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Cameron Wilcox

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it reminds be like a beating heart or just pulsing in general so, I'm going to go with "Pulse"
some really great names out there


Ok, so I have entered "Archangel" already... If we can enter a 2nd name, the one I just came up with was "Ripple."



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From the center outward it looks like something blasting off and then hitting a ceiling. I don't know if anyone else can see that.
so my suggestion is "BLASTOFF" something different anyway.
I really like it no matter what you call it.
Maybe just seriously damascus would work also.

HHH Knives

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Thanks guys for all the names, Its been alot of fun.. There are so many great suggestions its gona be hard to narrow it down to just 6.. :D

Jr and I are going through the names and trying to narrow thm down to our top 6!! This thread will be closed or locked soon so if you have any last minute suggestions, get em in NOW!! :)
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