New shop is finally ready to use


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Finally got it to the point I can really do something. Notice the snow still on the ground.
Patio that will become forging are. Big piece of steel is for press built

Looking north in the door

South wall with mill and lathe

Benches in the center and drill press

back bench by grinders

Grinder row, KMG, clone variable speed disk that converts to buffer and sharpener and old buffers

West wall with HT oven etc.

The door in this picture goes to a small room I am going to put my compressors and dust collector in and pipe to stations.
Now to get some stools and go to work
Nice, Now get to work!!2thumbs

I just noticed you are from Lewistown, any good jobs out there? :eek:
We would love to move out that way!!!!:D
You said stools,but after seeing that snow on the ground, I was thinking a well worn recliner beside that wood heater would be nice:D

Nice shop my friend.2thumbs

God bless,Keith
Thanks you guys. The shop has a small apartment attached, thats where I have the comfort and TV. I am staying in it till I tear down the old house and rebuilt.

Good jobs in Montana are a rare thing. There is a fair sized steel manufacturing plant here and a few other things. There is some work, but, you have to look hard and a good local will always have first choice because they will know all about them and their family. Eastern and central Montana is a huge place with a low population and very conservative politically, but, very liberal as to everyone's personnel freedoms and beliefs. One guy might have a Better Homes and Gardens place and his neighbor might have a dive with 4 old pickups in stages of decay and not have any problems with it. The idea that its your land and you can do what you want on it is held very dear to the heart here. I was rapidly accepted around here because I was born and raised in Montana. My home town is over 200 miles away and one of the first people I meet in town knew some of my relatives. Personally, I now work as a supervisor on short term industrial piping jobs, mostly for the oil industry and out of state. Usually 4-8 week jobs with lots of OT and per diem. It allows me to make the money I need to live quickly and then have the time off to do what I want. Another thing is if a rancher needs a hand they often provide a place to stay and beef. Usually the salary isn't to great but, very low expenses. I also ran into a water well driller that had more work than time, but, that would be seasonal as would a lot of work around here. Construction stops in about Dec and doesn't usually restart until April because of the weather. I remember seeing a study that found that Montana had the best workers in the nation and was ranked 49th as to opportunity. I have worked in Calif, Oregon, Washington, Alaska as well as some other places. I always run into other men from Montana, mostly all top hands. Unfortunately, its greatest export besides wheat and beef is good workers.
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BTW here are some of my buddies that come around for handouts. I go out with a cup of coffee in the morning and put out some calf feed and set and watch them and talk to them. This is about 10 ft from the patio. Some let me come with in a few feet as I putter around the yard.