Our home burns down


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Jeff, what size shoes do you wear? How about bedding and other essentials? I have been through a house fire and survived...so will you. Keep the faith....

Was all your equipment ruined? If so, I have a buffing motor I'm not using....

Jeff Pearce

I could use para cord we made knife lanyards I had to shut our online store down I have no income until I ca rebuild my supplies


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We'll have 3 t's, a sweatshirt and cap on the way today.

Can you use end cuts on paracord? How long of pieces do you need?


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Jeff - We mailed a package today, clothes, hat, knife and my wife put together a few items for you wife. Sorry to hear about your shop. We hope you get back on your feet soon. God Bless.

Jeff Pearce

On my face book page. Jeff Pearce the is a charity started. I will see if I can post a link. I wish I had the words to tell you e
What this means.