Post a tutorial or WIP - get entered for a chance at $50 in supplies

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Win $50 in knife supplies...just post a WIP
We like WIPs (work in progress) pictorials...

This can be knife or swords or leather or Kydex sheath making or tool fabrication or forging or making a forge....just about anything that can be loosely related to knife making.

It can also be embellishment like scrim or engraving.

It doesn't have to be a complete knife start to finish. It can be just a part of the process also.

We would like to be the home of lots of WIP's.

Anyone that creates and posts a WIP for the month of October will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win $50 gift certificate from Midwest Knifemakers Supply, llc. at the end of the month. We will continue to do this each month for the next 6 months and then evaluate how we'll it works.

I am guessing that the drawing pool will be very low each month so this is a very good chance to win $50 in supplies. Maybe one in five or ten.

A WIP has to have at least 4 pictures and can't just be started and abandoned.
Pictures of your starting materials is great and helpful but don't necessarily count as a WIP. You have to show some work being done.
A WIP that is kept active by you spanning months, get entered into each month for multiple chances to win.
This is a new and I may have put more rules on this as we gain some experience. The idea is to get people posting their WIPs, not to chisel someone out of a chance at winning fifty bucks in stuff.

Anyone, from the brand new knife maker to the veteran full timers can add to our community knowledge by posting WIPs. Just because you are new doesn't mean others can't learn something. If you are a veteran knife maker that has learned from the online community consider paying back. Even bad pictures are better than no pictures. If you are challenged with the picture side of that, we can get you help.

Keep in mind knife making crosses skill sets. Your tutorial may not be directly related to knife making but if it is a skill that can be shared, it is good enough for me.

My goal is to have the largest compilation of WIPs online and we need to get started.
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Rules for Determinig Winner of a Drawing for WIP

Midwest Knifemakers Supply, llc, ( the owners of forum want KnifeDogs to be the source for knife making related tutorials and WIPs. Anyone that creates and posts a tutorial/WIP on KnifeDogs is going to be entered into a drawing for fifty bucks in knife making supplies from us.
One drawing per month for the next 6 months.

Lets put the rules out there so it's all above board.

  1. We will sponsor 6 winners of $50 in knife supplies from Midwest Knifemakers Supply, llc. The first drawing will be for October entries.
  2. A tutorial or knifemaking has to have at least four pictures or a video or both. The content can be all or just part of the knife making process. Most any tutorial even loosely related to knife making (sheaths, casting, wood turning, tool making, what ever) is in. Some commentary would be great but if the pictures tell the story, it's good.
  3. The entries will be tracked by the moderators and given a number for the drawing.
  4. The winner will be determined by using the Minnesota Pick 3
  5. If there are ten or less entries, the last number of the pick 3 will be used.
  6. If more then ten, the last two numbers will be used.
  7. If those are too high, the first two, if no winner, first and last numbers.
  8. If still no winner, reverse the last two, then reverse first two, then reverse first and last.
  9. If after these 6 attempts, we will try again the next night and repeat until a winner is determined. The idea here is we have total transparency on how the winner is selected.
  10. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate from
  11. One winner per WIP
  12. If a WIP is active and spans two months, they will be eligible to be entered in both months.
  13. If a WIP is started and then abandoned, no entry in the drawing until it is finished.
  14. If a WIP is massive and spans multiple months, they will be entered in all the active months drawings.
  15. You don't need permission, just post away.
  16. We will accept basically any WIP that is even remotely related to knife, sword, leather, Kydex, metal, wood working. The idea here is to get as many as we can, not find ways to exclude them.
  17. We committ to six months of sponsoring the winners and then we will see if it worth continuing.
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One update to this. If you have an old WIP or tutorial you have elsewhere, it's OK to revive it and post it here also. You will get entered into the monthly drawing...
I really like the potential this idea has to offer.
There are tons of WIPs that have been scattered all over the forums and World Wide Web. It would be great to have an updated and current version of some more recent creations, especially with movies, pictures, etc.
And it would be quite convenient to have many of them all in one spot for many years to come.
Great idea, and I hope we get a lot of cooperation.
October 2012 wip give-a-way list

This is THE list with number assignments for our first drawing. The Method for numbering is such-

Wips from previous months that are "on-going" are listed first.

Wips from the current month listed in order by date.

Wips started on the same day are listed in order by time of the original post, earliest being first.

This list is current as of right now with the exception that Brad Lilly and I as moderators of the wip forum have decided to withdrawl ourselves for the drawing.

#1 Matchlock-Axe-Pistol-Bruce-Bump-6-12-2012
#2 Kirinite-Pepper-Jade-bowie-WIP-Mark-Behnke-10-02-2012
#3 pattern-welded-damascus-hidden-tang-WIP-Lerman-10-7-2012
#4 My-first-sword-a-Shikomizue-a-sword-cane-Martin-Schutte-10-09-2012
#5 ZED-sword-WIP-BladedBonehead-10-10-2012
#6 WIP-Liner-lock-from-my-own-design-BRad704-10-11-2012
#7 Continental-Seax-from-Bloom-Steel-ZebDeming-10-13-2012
#8 Miter-to-vertical-band-saw-conversion-Lerman-10-14-2012
#9 Vertical-Gas-Heat-Treat-Furnace-WIP-DonL-10-16-2012
#10 Elmax-WIP-Cubane-10-16-2012
#11 model-1-618-five-blades-batch-WIP-Lerman-10-17-2012
#12 Straightening-Warped-Blades-Post-Heat-Treat-ARCustomKnives-10-18-2012
#13 How-to-make-a-center-scribe-ARCustomKnives-10-20-2012
#14 Tapered-Tang-Handle-Drilling-Jig-Mark-Behnke-10-20-2012
#15 Scraps-from-the-Master-s-Table-Pen-Turning-Pictoral-Roger-T-10-23-2012
#16 WIP-Chuck-Stapel-Knife-Handle-carving-Knifecarver-10-24-2012
#17 Leather-Sheath-Making-WIP-Mike-Fennessy-10-24-2012
#18 Wip-devil-tongue-balisong-cardoso5fr-10-25-2012
#19 Dual-Detent-Friction-Folder-paps-10-25-2012
#20 sharpening-stone-holding-fixture-scott.livesey-10-26-2010
#21 Paring-knives-WIP-scott.livesey-10-26-2012

New wips can still be added to the end of the list.

Good luck everyone and thank you for participating :)

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Sorry for the delay folks. Was at the inlaws for my wifes birthday dinner ;)

As per BossDog's well laid out instructions we do have a winner of the first $50 in supplies give-a-way

The Minnesota Pick 3 for today 11-1-2012 is 4-9-1

Last 2 numbers= 91 Too high for the number of entries
First 2 numbers= 49 Still too high
First and Last= 41 still too high
If still no winner, reverse the last 2= 19 ding ding ding we've got our winner.

Congratulations paps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the #19 entry-


A big thanks to all of our 21 contestants !!!! Consider another WIP for a November entry into the drawing.

Take care all !

May Give-A-Way List

#1 A-non-matching-pair-of-knives-WIP=LiamLynch-3-12-2013
#2 DIY-no-weld-Belt-buff-disc-exitium-4-22-2013
#3 Brass-Bolsters-VIDEO-Mike-Carter-5-14-2013

My Apologies for being a little late to the game for picking the winner this month fellas. Was away most of the weekend unfortunately not at the Bladeshow, lol.

Back to business... The Minnesota Pick 3 for 6-1-2013 is 8-6-3

How lucky for us, we've got our winner on day one :) the last digit is our winner #3

CONGRATULATIONS to Mike Carter !!!!!

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Ok dogs The pick 3 for 10-1-2013 is - 1 1 0

With less than 10 entries the last digit selects our winner. So Zero is the number but we do not have a #0 so we'll try again today. I think from now on we'll start with #0 ;)