Post a tutorial or WIP - get entered for a chance at $50 in supplies

January WIP list

#0 Wood-Drying-Kiln-WIP-(or-paint-finish-dryer)-teter09--1-3-2104
#1 WIP-Damascus-kitchen-knife-KayakerSteve-1-14-2014
#2 Paring-knife-build-taylormadeknives-1-24-2014
#3 My-Trapper-Single-Blade-build-Don-McNiel-1-26-2014
#4 Single-Blade-Trapper-kit-TASelf-1-27-2014
#5 Single-blade-trapper-kit-WIP-DeMo-1-28-2014
#6 Double-blade-trapper-kit-build-Mark-Behnke-1-28-2014
#7 [URL="]"One-post-WIP-double-blade-trapper-HHH-Knives-1-31-2014[/URL]

Minnesota pick 3 for 2-1-2014 is 3 8 9

Last digit is our winner. 9 too high.

We go to the first # 3 Congratulations Don McNiel !

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A big thanks to Josh for helping run this section. It is a lot of work and he helps you guys win some knife stuff...
Very cool, I was just getting ready to make a knife handle purchase from USAKnifemaker, this will help out a lot.