Printers Blanket

Yes, it works really well. It keeps the disk flat but takes off just enough of the hardness to the bare metal plate to really reduce the bumps of thin sand paper.
Vulcanized rubber is used on most compressable printing blanket. The low spots can be taken care of with a product called blanket swell. But it will happen again and again. They do work great to cover work benches and do different things with. They come in a wide range of sizes. But think of it this way, when I worked in the printing industry it was $500 everytime we had to change one. The only time we threw them away was when they were no good. As in low spots ripped or trash under it. By the time someone gets one for home is is basically shot.
I also went with Fel-Pro cork gasket per Ed's recomendation, $5.99 Advance Auto Parts. This is enough cork to cover the disk twice.

It works great. I've been using Elmers spray glue to hold the paper on. Spray paper, let tack up for 3 minutes then stick to disk. This creates a temporary bond. The cork seems to be holding up just fine thus far after approx. 10-12 paper changes. I've even used it wet with windex for wet sanding with 500 grit paper.

I did get some feathering adhesive with my latest order (thanks Tracy) because I haven't been able to remove the paper without ripping it. I have been using el-cheapo HF paper which I'm 100% abandoning in favor of higher quality stuff.

I've got a beveled disk and the more I use it the more I like it. It doesn't really give a true flat but it's so close that literaly a couple minutes of hand sanding will get seemingly perfect flats.

I really find it amazing when comming off the platen with nice flatness (HA HA HA) then making a pass on the disk. It will expose just how shoddy my platen flats really are, LOL.

Mike, you ARE the Goggle Master. You might as well change your username, LOL