Show your swords!!!

Here are a few of mine

The Japanese Swords were given to me by my daughter and frankly I wouldn't include them except they are from her. The quality isn't very good, but her heart was in the right place.

The European Practical Rapier is a Cas-Hanwei and my favorite by far. I wear it to Renaissance Faires and similar gatherings. The balance is excellent. While I have no formal fencing training I could envision sparring with this.

The small sword is a Russian Kindjal (sp?) made by Windlass. A gift from my wife. It normally hangs near the entrance to the front door and could in a pinch serve to parry borders :9:


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Here Is a new addition to my Nihonto Collection. Sword Is By Jiro taro Naokatsu rated 60 by Hawleys . Needs some minor repairs , other than
those little problems it is in fine shape . Bubba

Bubba, I think this one would look much nicer if it were in my collection.
Some I've made

image.jpgHere are some of the short swords I have made.


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Here are some of my Indian Tulwars. Some go back to the 1600's. check out the bead work from the 17c, How cool is that?
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Here are a couple of Nihonto wakizashi and tanto . The Katana is one I made some time ago . I sold it recently. The Wakizashi and Tanto I restored them after purchasing them from another member. The wakizashi is from the 1500's and the tanto around 1700's and was a wedding gift ( goshugi) to samurai warriors wife. The Katana is sanmai . Can't hardly wait until I can get back to work..........



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IMG_0502.jpgIMG_0503.jpgIMG_0508.jpgIMG_0509.jpgIMG_0511.jpgIMG_0513.jpgIMG_0527.jpgIMG_0525.jpg This is a wakizashi I have it is signed Bishn Osafune Sukesada, it is late koto or early Shinto blade it would date from late 1500 or early 1600s, unforunatly the tsuba and menuki did not come with it, the rest of the pieces did, redid the blade had the handle done by Fred Lohman, I did the scabbard black lacquer and copper full liner of red velor.
Another one I finished recently... Folded 9260 and 1075... Blade is similar to uchikatana has 30" cutting edge.. The sword with gold ito is by KIKO ICHIMONJI. ....... bubba


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