Show your swords!!!

Thank you, the Waki is a Swamp Rat (Busse) tan and sage

Approx Specs are
Blade Length 17 1/2"
OAL 27"
Steel SR101 Differentially Treated
Handles Micarta
One of mine...

I've only made a couple of these, I'm more of a knifemaker. Sorry the pics aren't too good.


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What the heck, I'll post a few shots of some of mine:
1) Belly Button Sword made in 14K gold - 3"
2) Mini Wakizashi - all the parts are there - 2"; steel ,14K, platinum
3) Mini saber - damascus blade,gold handle parts, sterling sheath - 4"
4-5) Mini katana - Damascus blade,14K and 18K, diamonds - 3"


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And a few more:
1) handle closeup of last sword
2) a few full size blades after HT (18" to 40")
3-5) Wakizashi with mokume koshirae (30"OAL)


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OK, a few tuska shots:
Gold menuki ,silver and gold fittings for a sword that I have not yet released pictures of.
Last shot is my tsuka-maki stand, sword is the wakizashi in last post.


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A few more good shots:
Finished wrap on above
Naginata - 8 feet OAL, 36" blade


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So Stacy, I'm thinking you might have a bit of an interest in Japanese swords? :D I've wrapped a few tanto handles, but I only had my bench vise to hold the handles. Does your tsuka-maki stand rotate?

Nice shots!

Yes, The PVC tube has soft wooden inside wedges that hold the blade securely. If wrapping a tsuka without the blade, I fashion a wooden or metal tsunagi (temporary blade). The frame is just wood ,with "U" shaped cradles. The bungee cords provide a tight ,but rotatable friction to hold everything in place. I use modified plastic clamps to hold the ito tight as I turn things.

I have a love/hate relationship with doing swords, but I used to do quite a bit of this work some years ago.

Been doing folder mostly since.

Here's the first sword I've done in 6 years still waiting to do hilt (probably be another 6 years before the next one!:unsure:


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And some more --- Sorry for the redundancy!
I'm pretty happy with the straightness of where the edge joins with the core. Paid extra attention to that on this one ...


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Aw heck, while I'm at it, here's some miscellaneous old work.

The Sutton Hoo sword pic is from '95. It was my second sword project, and easily the most difficult.


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Very nicely done, Joe!

You suppose that when you get around to the latest one you could incorporate a hidden pocket clip? :D


Depending how you look at it, the whole thing IS a pocket clip!

"Why no officer, that's not a "blade". It's just a big pocket clip for this here handle!"
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Here are a few of mine. I have been collecting Hunting swords the last few years with a few short swords thrown in just because I like them. These are mostly from the late 1700's. The bottom one doesn't really fit with the others. The top four would be more like a sidearm that have hunting scenes on the hilts and blades. The bottom sword is a French hunting sword from the 1800's used to dispatch game. I liked it because it has a damascus blade.