Soft versus Hard Steel

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Sure thing. Might want to wash your hands after handling the scraps, unless you just like your chicken wings to taste like PETN and Thermite.

You may want the steel I made from the secondary process. Some are tiny but I’ll save the good stuff for you (the canister damascus I made from soup cans and Chevette fenders).


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I asked the wife if I could borrow one of her diamond rings, I told her I was going to make some diamond dust on my anvil.....
I figured, hey, no scrap pipe....take the next best route. she just looked at me like this...o_O....
She just doesn't seem to understand how valuable diamond dust is.
I told her this time next year we could be rolling in the stuff. she just don't get it. :mad:

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Probably this has thread has run it's course. It has devolved into witty sarcasm and I'm not comfortable with that.
EnvroDaren has been very respectful here and I appreciate that.
I don't see a way to monetize the by products of this process any way other than canister damascus that has a cool story behind it.
He is free to open another thread but I think it's best if we close this one.
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