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Alden Cole

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Alrighty, I think I want to start making a few of my sheaths out of kydex. Been looking through the old threads but still have a few questions. I'm thinking on using .60 and .93 material and chucking up a die set in my drill press. So if I want my eyelets 1/4in. wide, how long do they have to be to fit through the sheath? Will I need multiple sizes of eyelets for .60 and .93? What about Chicago screws, what size do you want, or should I just get an assortment? All the different sizes of screws and eyelets are confusing me! Thanks
I order most of my eyelets from I have not tried .60 as it seems thin to me. I typically use .80. for that I use an 8-8 or an 8-9. 8-9 will definitely work for .93. I have some .93 but haven't worked with it yet. It might not hurt to get some 8-10s as well, just incase you add an extra layer for a loop. Then again, screws work great for that too.

My thoughts.... First, not every knife/design is a good candidate for kydex. Kydex holds through pressure points. Ideally that point should be the plunge cuts for the least wear and the longest lasting sheaths. Knives with large guards, and those with significantly dropped blades in relationship to the handle are some that simply have kydex sheaths.

Next, .093" thickness is the most common, generally the least expensive, and makes about the best compromise between moldability and long term sheath durability. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy your kydex by the foot....from knife supply outfits! If you do, it will cost you approx 4X what it will cost per sq foot if you buy a full 4x8' sheet from somewhere such as Port Plastics (they have multiple locations around the country).

For .093 kydex, you want the 8-9 eyelets Brad posted the link to. Just in case folks don't know.... the same folks own/run, so check prices on both....they are usually the same, but often you can catch a sale on one, that is not on the other.

Post screw length depends on the layers of kydex your going through. Typically I buy/use Tek-Loks for belt carry..... that come with the hardware. Otherwise I use Eyelets to "assemble" kydex.

Ed, your constant bashing of "knife supply outfits" is getting old. It's not a secret that buying bulk is cheaper than buying smaller quantities but posts like this make me wonder why you are here, posting every day on a forum sponsored at no charge to the community so you can trash talk suppliers as petty thieves. If you can't understand why supply houses exist I guess I don't know what to say.

Do you support your local hardware store or do you find the absolute cheapest items you can elsewhere?

Would you allow a sign in your shop that says:
"Don't buy a knife from Ed, you can get one for 1/4th the price from somewhere else"

If this was the first time you posted something like this I guess I'd get over it and move on but it isn't. It's constant with you. We have talked about this multiple times in emails and on the phone. I have never allowed anyone to bash another supplier or maker here. My record is clear on that.

You have the attitude that every supplier is out to rip you off and honestly I'm tired of it. If you can't be active here without this kind of shit post, maybe it's time for you to move on.
I buy general supplies and specialty items from USAKnifemaker, but not belts, steel, pin stock, etc. My steel comes from NJ steel baron and abrasives from TruGrit, because it is cheaper to buy these things in bulk. That shouldn't be offensive.
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