The No Rules Bowie

Roger T

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You just can't imagine what that much mosaic damascus looks like in person. The pictures just don't cut it. Bruce, what on earth will you dream up the next time you wake up with indigestion in the middle of the night?!!


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I can't wrap my brain around how much work went into that! Every detail is superb. Definitely a one of a kind that is in a class all in its own! I love it!

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That thing is AMAZING! Bruce, you never cease to amaze me with your work. This one takes the cake.

McClellan Made Blades

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OK, I've only got 2 questions, fist is why no pics of the front and back side of the framed handle, actually I meant PLEASE POST SOME PICS OF THE FRAMED HANDLE! And 2nd
(which really isn't so much of a question more of a wish/ request/ prayer/ Christmas in May/Birthday.., all wrapped into one) could there possibly ........

(and I KNOW it is NOT possible)..........!

(A guy CAN DREAM! Can't he!) a.....

....W.I.P. to go along with this?

Honestly Bruce, you never cease to amaze...well, everyone actually! Someone mentioned that it being said that, "Everything had been done in knives didn't know Bruce Bump", well I used to say that, but that was BEFORE I knew Bruce Bump! Now I say that "There is'nt anything new that can be done with blade shapes, that hasn't been done! Then I say, "Except for mechanism's!"
I will say that you have really outdone yourself this time, I hate to think of what's next, OK not really hate to think it, kinda scared to think it! I only wish I could think up something like that!!!!!
Now if I can only pair up another interest I have that could result in something unique....and SHARP! Yep as I figured,
I know, I'll never quit trying, it may not be anything close to your brilliance, but it will be MY ORIGINAL!
I also have to say Thank You, Bruce, you do so much for us all, just sharing this with us is so awesome! B.T.W. I was kidding about the WIP,....well, but not about the request, wishing and prayers! I am dead serious about that!

Jim Coffee

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Wow. There is nothing about that knife and sheath that I don't like..Bruce your skill is In a league all by itself. .

Bruce Bump

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Thanks so much fellas, You guys are too kind. I just wish the darn thing had a barrel on it. At least a 36 caliber. :)