What's going on in your shop?

Randy Lucius

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You need to put the "Latin phrase" on the sign too...That way if someone can read it then you can have the "opportunity to shoot at an educated person." Lonesome Dove is at the top of my list too Randy. I knew I liked you.
I'll definitely put that on the next sign I make. I was really just playing around trying to learn the machine.
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My damascus forging marathon continues. I have a couple more weeks to go.
I've usually used stock removal mono steel for my folders but now I'm switching to all forged materials.

The lid on this can popped off too soon.
I cut it off with the band saw and welded a new lid on it to try and salvage the can.
The powder in the can you can see is not welded but it's stuck together enough that it didn't just fall out.
I ran it through this afternoon and will cut it tomorrow to have a peak. It should be mostly OK.
After every billet is run to size, I throw it in the oven overnight to temper so I can cut and machine it.
my recipe courtesy Peter Martin is:
ramp up 1350 AFAP
soak 35 minutes
ramp down 100F per hour to 1000F and then the oven shuts off and it cools down slowly overnight.
soft as butta when done.


new lid, crap welding but it held.


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Dagger I'm working on for a customer. Need to do lots of sanding now. Then heat treat. This is gonna get a stone wash in a Citric Acid solution some nice G10 scales, brass pin and Lanyard hole. Pretty happy with grind considering its the first Dagger I've done!
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One of my favorite patterns. a low count basket weave. I'll be flipping this one and facing this out to maybe get 2 or 3 folder size blades.

I've shown this once but now it's been drawn out again to get smaller dots. I'm planning on Nitre Blue for this one as it has 2 or 3 different metals in it and should color up decent.

Another low layer that I turned 45 degrees. This will be stacked into a 4 cube with the lines all coming to the center. Then I'll see where I go next with it.

Kinda meh so far. Definitely will get stacked at least once and probably twice. This was my "rescue" can where the lid popped off and I had to weld a new lid on it to finish is.