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    BIG news, verdict this week.

    Knifedogs - I've been quiet lately as I've gone on to try to secure some large dealer volumes of knives this last 2 months. The particulars of that have taken up much of my time but I'm working on my custom backlog as well. I should have a verdict in the next week one way or the other - I'll...
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    Black Wolf Armory summer 2014 selection + some news!

    I've been busy. Thank you all for sticking with me through this, it's been a big 4 years. Wow. I've got 4 or 5 custom projects to wrap up then it's onto building inventory and moving things along with some ads. I'm going to be published in Blade in September for their military issue, and I'm...
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    First engraved knife, 4" "Watershed" skinner, Jesse Kaufman engraving

    This is my first first engraved piece, embellishment by Jesse Kaufman of Black Hills Gunstocks and Engraving. This knife features deep relief engraving accenting the mitered 416 stainless steel bolsters and checkered walnut handle scales. The knife is based off of my 4" Watershed...
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    Knife Photo Submission, wish me luck!

    Alright! Keep an eye on your mailbox for the December 2014 issue of Blade. Thank you all for your support!
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    Pair of Black Wolf Armory knives for a friend, EDC and skinner with black Micarta

    I've been busy. A friend came by this last weekend to pick up a pair I'd had in the works for awhile, he'd originally requested black jigged horn which wasn't available, so we went with black linen Micarta. That being the "standard" handle material out of the shop, I took several photos of...
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    Knife Photo Submission, wish me luck!

    It's time to try to get published. Here's what has been selected, most of which you've seen before, and a brand new mugshot of yours truly to go along with it. Fortune favors the bold. Seriously, I'm a little antsy, this is a new chapter in things and I can't thank you all enough for your...
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    My latest aged blade wih ivory scales

    Your leatherwork! Whoa, again that's just a super-clean package. Are you going to have this particular knife engraved?
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    Just How Good is CPM S30V?

    John, that's very odd. Again, without specifics we can't make many firm guesses at what's going on, but I'll also say that the professional "heat treat only" guys aren't infallible. Neither is a particular production batch of a previously great steel. There are so many possible reasons for a...
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    Recent Leatherwork

    Wow, Steven! That's some very well designed and executed work!
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    New Barry Gallagher Knife Photography

    Knifedogs- Barry Gallagher of Lewistown, Montana is considering reentering the knife photography business and has kindly asked me to help him get an idea of how much interest there might be. His extensive published photography portfolio can be found via Google search, if anyone is qualified...
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    First lapidary handle - Sodalite, S35VN, carved bolsters

    I hear you there, Laurence! The kitchen is the hardest place on things, next to the shop itself. I cringed thinking about knives in the sink or dishwasher - I fix a lot of unintentionally serrated edges from that nonsense even up in my neck of the woods.
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    First lapidary handle - Sodalite, S35VN, carved bolsters

    I have the remainder of that sodalite slice which I'm going to hand-fit a damascus frame to and possibly include more mirrored stainless and make a pendant - which will then also likely become an addiction.
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    First lapidary handle - Sodalite, S35VN, carved bolsters

    The steel was easier to grind and finish than S30V, in my experience. It's still considerably more difficult than the 440C class steels and has such carbides that a higher degree of polish wouldn't be advisable. It appears to cut the same and I'll have a version of this knife is black micarta...
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    4 5/8" S35VN belt knife, Sodalite lapidary handle, carved stainless bolsters

    I'm unable to attend Blade this year due to time constraints, so I'm counting this piece as my "Sale" for the spring. I've posted in the main Custom forum as well with a complete description. I'm asking $565 including insured USPS Priority Mail shipping in the USA, knife includes sheath...
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    First lapidary handle - Sodalite, S35VN, carved bolsters

    Here's the newest one off the bench, a 4 5/8" bladed knife patterned off my 1.25" stock hunter. I gave CPM S35VN a shot for this one, and I like it - it seems to take finer edge than S30V. The knife is sporting a hand rubbed finish, mitered, scalloped, mirror polished 304 stainless bolsters...