Christmas in july KITH 2010

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OK I have to ask.... What does KITH stand for??:confused:

Here is a good post from another board I'm on.

The technical deffinition of a KITH is this: Knife In The Hat = A bunch of knifemakers agree on a theme if there is to be any (i.e., spring steels, Christmas, recycled material, daggers, arrowheads, etc., etc.) and a draw date. Each maker completes a knife by the draw date, and then the host draws names from the 'hat' to determine who gets which blade. The most common method (in my own experience) is to draw the names and make a list. Each maker sends his knife to the maker whose name appears below his on the list. The guy on the bottom ships to the guy on top. Done. Right? Not quite...

A KITH as it was conveyed to me is a modern adaptation of an old practice where guys at a job site would gather at lunch on Friday and throw their pocket knife in a hat, draw one out and that was what they carried for the rest of the week. Around these parts, the KITH evolved from an IITH (Iron In The Hat), where projects were kept very simple (arrowheard for example) to encourage participation.

In the end, a KITH is about community. It represents a challenge to new makers to do their very best work because they are sending it to someone who knows knives as well or better than they do. An honest critique can be a blow to a sensitive ego, but worth so very much in the development of a maker. For the ol' masters, it represents a chance to share years of accumulated knowledge and wisdom. For all, it represents a sense of brotherhood, sharing, and belonging.

Read some of the quotes I've dug up from past discussions. If you still don't get it, just hang around here and follow the action until you do.

"...some newcomers felt shy about participating. Just remember, it's not about what you receive in the draw, it's about fun, establishing enduring relationships, and building brotherhood."
"I've received some fabulous knives in the drawings in the past, and I've received some newbie work too. You know what? In my collection they all have a prominent place, because they all have an equal amount of good spirit in them."
"For that reason I never objected to getting the piece of a newbie. Because I knew that if they had their way, they'd be making heirloom quality pieces, but alas they couldn't (YET) as they were new to the craft. But like receiving a gift from a family member, it's not the gift itself, but the thought and more importantly, the heart behind it." -Dana Acker

"Why are we doing this? Because 1) we are new to knifemaking and need to develop skills 2) this will challenge us to make the best knife we can 3) this will establish a group of peers with whom we can interact and ask questions, and 4) the best part of all--to have fun!!!" -Nathan (Armory414)

"Hey, you never know when today's noob may be tomorrow's master! that maggot gagging blade may be fetch a fair price in the future!"
"Most kiths have no cost/fee associated other than you have to ship a blade. Likewise, any experience level is usually welcome. Anytime ya'll see another KITH going on, please don't feel left out just because you're new! That's all part of the KITH experience. As long as someone tried their best, that's all that counts!" -Don Halter

"Every new maker, without exception, has the same feeling that his work is not up to parr yet and wonders if his offering would be worthy. No one twists anyones arm to join in on a trade. If a more experienced maker joins in, he does so with his eyes wide open. Maybe he has been there and raised his own bar by joining the kiths and trying his to do his best. Now that he has improved he wants to give a little back. That would be in keeping with the spirit. It is cool to have all kinds of kiths and it is good to see lots of them going on.
The only thing that worries me is for us to fall into an "us vrs. them" type thing. After 5 years here, I still consider myself a noobie. These guys have welcomed us in. Shared their knowlege and not once have I ever heard anything but encouragement and constuctive help from any of them. Never once was I ever banned from any games they thought up. The spirit of the forum as a whole is, all for one and one for all. The spirit of the kiths is designed as a learning tool to get you to raise your own bar. To get you to push yourself to your limit and beyond.
Believe me, I know the fear of thinking I might send something off that might be considered a POS.(still have it). Checking and double checking the heat treat instructions for a particular steel. Taking the finish to one higher grit. Backing up two grits and starting over. I have ran over time by worring myself sick over trying to get things right and freezing up. Starting three blades at once so I have a back-up for my back-up. On and on, stress after stress. But still, exciting and fun! I feel partisipating in the kiths has made me a little better. Excluding people from the trades seems like lowering the bar to me." -Roc Ellis

Andy Garrett

Thank you Stan. I am humbled by the generosity of spirit,and the spirit of help and humility. I think it is a very Honorable thing. I may as well throw my name in the hat, otherwise I feel I am limiting myself. To be honest I am somewhat fearful of joining in, Because I know I am a Newbie,and know how much I lack in skill. I also know that I will have to send my knives off to be Heat treated. That is two weeks in and of itself. So I had best get started. I am coming in late to the game, but one thing in my advantage is that I have no customers or orders to fill. I just hope I can make a good one. I will do my best, which means I may do less with the grinder, and more with the file.
Just to let you know, I am still around and still in. I can't see this forum at work, so I havn't been around too much. Have we had any changes to the design concept? KITH USA Christmas ?
Just to let you know, I am still around and still in. I can't see this forum at work, so I havn't been around too much. Have we had any changes to the design concept? KITH USA Christmas ?

I think it's in the first post, but it's KITH USA July 1st.
I've just about got my KITH knife finished. I've only been at it about two years so I consider myself still a fledgling. Just for the record whoever gets my knife should feel free to critisize as harshly as you see fit. Criticism is what makes me better because in the back of my tiny little brain I'll be thinkin that I'm gonna make sure nobody is able to say it again. If you wanna know what I'm makin I'll be happy to tell ya cause I'm not good at surprises.
I am to the point of putting the scales on mine. I just havn't cause I like to make it just in the nick of time time. That is usually how it works anyway. :D

I like the way this is being run. In the past I made a fool of myself because I signed on for a KITH and didn't have anything worthwhile ready when the time was due.

SO I will tentatively sign up for now, but won't say for sure unless I actually have something ready to ship on July 1st. I do have a batch nearly ready for HT (they will be sent to Peters) and have the handle materials etc in the shop already.

Just a note, I don't make sheaths but I do know how to buy a basic leather one and shape/dye/finish it so it matches the knife. Hope that's OK.
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Ok after reading all 112 post I am convinced that yall want newcomers in this so I'll put my name in the hat I have been working on a blade that will be going out for heat treat this week so if it comes back ok I will have one ready
Well, I've finished the knife and the sheath and have figured how to upload the potos into my computer so now all I have to do is figure out how to post it and the other knives that I have completed to this site.

Doug Lester
I've finished mine and the sheath. Still need to take pics. Are we posting pics here or is there a thread for that somewhere else?
i'm new around here, and a newbie at making knives. I'd love to participate. Count me in. I think i have enough time to make one.
Done. I didn't realize this was my first post on this site. I've been to it many times looking for information.
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