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Our newest forum - all about Swords.

Collecting, making, talking about them.
SWEET!!!! I love swords. I'll have to post pics of my WWII Japanese blades.
Great idea, Boss. I have a North Vietnamese officer's sword I'll post. Seemed like he didn't need it any more.
Yippieeeee!!! Just ordered a new sword Wedsnesday ( Handmade, Damascus Kodachi,,,shorter bladed katana). Really looking forward to getting it Monday. This will make four swords so far; two full length katanas, a short bladed broadsword, and the new kodachi.
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hay denton eller is there a beter way to get a sword outside of making your own (hurra raa)garhead respect to military
This one looks fun Sam! I can envision you riding on a chopped mini-bike swinging that over your head right now.
keep those sword pics coming along , I love them babies . denton like to see that nv sword ! and murph we want to see those japanese swords real bad . bring it on !!
here are my filipino swords the strait one is a pinute and th "S" shaped one is a panabas
they Jun Sliva in the philippines. they are both scarey sharp.
thanks Gary