Simple sheath build along

After doing some research, not a whole lot to do on the crack. Some things are best left undone.
So, I am going to call it good enough and just stew about it. Last step is Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather Protectant. I use this on every sheath I make. I have for a couple of years.
Developed by a fire fighter to protect his gear. Wax on-wax off.



I've been wearing steel toed boots for 20 years and have tried every boot oil out there. You made a good choice right there Dennis. Hands down the best on the market!
I've been wearing steel toed boots for 20 years and have tried every boot oil out there. You made a good choice right there Dennis. Hands down the best on the market!

Ty -is it possible you recommended it to me. I cannot remember who it was but someone hooked me up. You perhaps?
Dennis, thanks so much for taking the time to do this tutorial. I know that it wasn't an easy project and consumes alot of time. But, all that aside, I really learned enough to screw up some leather! Gonna be trying one right soon, I reckon. Thanks again.
You can get it in the footwear department at Cabelas. This is what it looks like. Just take a glob and rub it out n the palm of you hand. It will melt easily. Rub it on the sheath. Pay attention to edges and in the sheath opening and belt loop. Coat them liberally. Let it set and dry. Buff with soft cloth or paper towel. Put on a second coat.

I also hit the crack a couple of times.

Do you ever use a hair dryer once it's rubbed on the leather to get it to liquify and flow into the nooks and cranny's?
Dennis, this was awesome! I'm gonna have to refer to the braiding pictures several times before I'll get that right. I think you gave me a link to a video on that technique awhile back. I'm going to have to watch that again too.
Thank you for taking the time to do this!
Awesome WIP! I’m not generally a fan of braiding on sheaths (I like it pretty well on other things.) But I actually really liked this braid on this sheath. Hadn’t seen that particular braid before.
Thanks for demonstrating process of braiding in particular, Dennis. I've found it very instructive and will endeavour to execute such a braid sometime soon. I have enjoyed your WIP immensely in general. I am referencing this thread to come back to it.
Here is a short video that shows and explains the edge braiding. I still go back and look at it from time to time. It was very helpful for me to learn.

Here is another pretty good video. As a tip, use youtube for your benefit. It has a search function. Type in "leather edge braiding". There are dozens of videos on braiding. Different patterns. Some are better than others. I wish I could speak and understand Spanish.

Another tip: I watch a lot of youtube videos and belong to several facebook leather groups. The internet can be your best friend. Although, it kind of sucks at the same time depending on your perspective.

I am always looking for inspiration on the next cool leather idea. Knives too! When looking at various projects, whether its a hat, bag, book cover, or sheath try to break down and understand the technique, procedure, stamp, lace, whatever, as opposed to just looking at the whole object.

As an example, understanding the proper technique on a particular stamp or braid, or lace is more important than liking or disliking an object. It can be an ugly hat, but, the lacing technique may apply to a sheath. I may never make a leather hat, but, I may use the same lacing technique on a sheath. I hope that makes sense and helps you out a bit.
One last video to share. I did not show how I cut my lace. It is pretty easy once you see it. This is a great video showing how it is done. I use the very same tool. It is from Tandy Leather around $15.00.