Simple sheath build along

No problems. Just continue the pattern and go through the last hole a second time.

Continue the pattern and come through the last hole a third time. You will use your fid to enlarge the hole so you can pull the lace.

Continue the pattern after going through the last hole the third time. When you pull it through you should be on the second to last hole. Like this.

We are done braiding to the bottom. We will hide the end and be finished with this side.

just flip the lace over and push it back into the braid. Like this. Make sure you flip so that the smooth side stays up (visible).

We have to go back to the top end of the sheath. If you remember we left 15 inches of overlay. We need to finish it. This will be exactly like where we came out the bottom hole. Instead, we are at the top. Just start there again.

For the inquiring mind. Here is the wasted braid. About a foot worth. So we braided 6.5 inches of sheath with about 5 feet of lace and 1 foot of waste. Not too bad.

I still need to seal/finish the sheath. With the tip being split, I need to think of a fixer upper. Probably will not be perfect. Crumb buckets!!

The leather is a bit dry and I am considering using an oil to try to soften it. At least keep it from cracking any further.

I also use a product called Obenaufs leather conditioner. It is a wax like substance similar to the old car wax. I will show a picture of it later.

Right now, I need to think and do some internet sleuthing on the crack.
Love this guy. I watch a lot of his videos. Bad news is that the crack may be permanent. Once the fiber splits, it cannot be un-split, if that makes any sense.

After doing some research, not a whole lot to do on the crack. Some things are best left undone.
So, I am going to call it good enough and just stew about it. Last step is Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather Protectant. I use this on every sheath I make. I have for a couple of years.
Developed by a fire fighter to protect his gear. Wax on-wax off.



You can get it in the footwear department at Cabelas. This is what it looks like. Just take a glob and rub it out n the palm of you hand. It will melt easily. Rub it on the sheath. Pay attention to edges and in the sheath opening and belt loop. Coat them liberally. Let it set and dry. Buff with soft cloth or paper towel. Put on a second coat.

I also hit the crack a couple of times.