VOTING CLOSED Dec 8-15 - Voting Photo Contest Week 1, Dec 1-7

Which picture wins week 1 photo contest?

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Brad Lilly

Moderator and Awards Boss
Another one for Fred's edge. I like the background and the props. Often I really dislike anything other than the knife in a picture of a knife. Fred's edge is the exception for me

BossDog & Owner
Staff member
Ebbtide has a fantastic "sellers" photograph. If I was selling this knife, I'd want this picture.
It does a nice job showing the knife and the extra nice sheaths add to the package. Clean and crisp all the way.

Steven Janik

Boss nailed it. If I were buying a knife and had to go by these photos laid on a table to make my choice, Ebbtide nailed it.
Does this make it the best picture? Don't know, but it was my choice.


Rudy Joly

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Tough call between 3 of them but I gotta go with Fredsedge. His photo kept my eye pegged to the knife although the composition was nice too. I know deep down inside everyone really likes mine though.



Had to go with MVPeterson's photo. Clear, accurate nicely contributed with antlers- I know I'm getting that knife and that sheath. Ebbtides is very good too but only thing is there are 2 sheaths- am I getting both shown sheaths with the knife??


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I went with Bush Monkey. From an artistic standpoint, the knife's design and intended use is brought out well with the chill of the black and white. Combined with the concrete floor I think it looks great. I could leave or take the gun. I don't think it hurts it because of the whole theme, but I would rather see a little more of the knife and less of the gun...if that makes sense.


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After looking at the pics again, I think I may have voted for the knife in Stabbers pic, instead of the photo. Would be better if the background contrasted more with the handle.

J. Doyle

Dealer - Purveyor
First, before stopping and studying each picture at length, I scrolled through the thread quickly to see which ones grabbed my attention.

I liked Buddy's picture quite well. I also liked Fred's Edge picture very much.

I voted for Ebbtide though. The picture was very clear and crisp and the colors and brightness caught my attention immediately and forced me to stop longer than I intended. It invoked that knee jerk response of going back for another look. Studying the picture closer confirmed the thoughts I already had at a quick glance.

Justin Presson

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Dang I did not realize there was a poll I hardly ever get on the actual computer to look at the forum I use the talkatap app on my phone.
Wonder why the poll does not show up on that.

Buddy Thomason

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Ebbtide got my vote. It's a good clear picture that is balanced both light to dark and through the color spectrum. The image is free of major defects and does everything right to help the viewer 'like' the knife. There were some other nice photos too - something to like in every one!

BossDog & Owner
Staff member
Winner Week 1 Photo Contest... Ebbtide...
killer entry..
the focus across the entire image is sharp and the colors of everything against a black and white knife nails it.
Great picture...

Photo by Ebbtide



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Thanks for all the votes all.
I'm honored.
The Boss Dawg hit it on the head with his comment about it being a 'seller's photo'
That's what my life in advertising has done to me. lol.

Thank you all again :)