My first WIP Mosaic damascus "Sujihiki"

Wow Randy this is great. I love seeing the WIP. Thanks for putting it up.
I'm not sure which one of the Randy's is more talented.....But they make an AWESOME team.
Hello and good day.. I dont want you to think I have forgotten about this.. We had a set back on the billet and had to start over.. Yep.. That sucks, but it happens when your doing damascus.. :) Not to worry, I will use the first billet.. Just not for this project. :) Maybe another WIP Im thinking a dagger is long overdue!

Change of plans, So, Randy Jr. reforged the billet.. and I have accordion cut it.. Ill get some pics of it and post then tonight.

Thanks guys for all the support and comments. Im looking forward to starting work on this one myself!
God Bless
OK so back to the WIP.. we had originally planned on doing a tile welded billet. and thats where we ran into problems was on the tile weld part! lol :) So, Like I stated in the last post.. Jr had to start all over on this billet.. I didnt take a bunch of pics of forging the second billet..

On a side note, The first attempt will be used.. and looks awesome.. just didnt work out like we planned, so change of plan!

The second billet.. We decided to accordion cut rather then attempt to tile weld it. So after forging we annealed the loaf 2 times. to soften it up B4 cutting.


Now I used my new band saw and accordion cut the billet.




After cutting I round off the outside points.

All set to unfold this bad boy and get a good look at the pattern..

Im glad that a few of you reminded me by posting on the thread.. I was getting excited and almost forgot to take pics..

Will try and get more pics tomorrow when I open this piece up..

On side note, I talked to Dave at Great Lakes water jet and he hooked me up with some parts to convert my surface grinder to a belt surface grinder! And Man does this thing really ROCK n ROLL! What a difference!

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Jeez, that's a lot of bandsawing!

What you going to do with the triangles that were cut out? I bet they would look good cleaned up and etched!
Stew, Heck yea it is alot of bandsawing.. :) I just crank up the radio and get R done!

I try and use the triangles.
I have used them to make damascus beads.. I also forge welded them together and make smaller billets..
I try and not waste any damascus.. But the truth is..... Alot of steel goes to waste to make the damascus. Its just the nature of the beast.
You see a little triangle, I see a potential damascus coin tray for my nightstand... :) Just sayin'...

Progress looks great and I hate to hear that y'all had to start over on this, but I'm always down for another of your WIPs... Can't wait to see what's next.
Brad sounds like you and I agree. These are very useful and way to nice to even call scrap. The same awesome pattern thats on the blade is on these pieces!! I have had some success stacking these little triangles with the pattern to the outside, and forge welding them together into a billet.. I wonder what others do with them that use the accordion cut method.. Any other suggestions chime in!

Do you got any pics of the little night stand coin trays you have made? Id love to see them..
I try and not waste any damascus.. But the truth is..... Alot of steel goes to waste to make the damascus. Its just the nature of the beast.

I know! The amount of steel that goes on but never comes back out is depressing at times but when they come off in lumplike those, it's good to know they get reused.

Would make a fine bolster or two, I bet!!
Hey guys, Im sorry for the delay.. But were back at this one and I remembered to take some pics! :)

After cutting. The steel is heated back up and opened up.


all straighten out..


From this point I removed the scale and surface ground the billet.. Then did a acid etch to see the pattern. Im really pleased with the look!




Should make a GREAT slicer! :)

Stay tuned, Ill post more as soon as I get back from the lake! Were gona spend some needed time off this weekend.. I hope the weather is nice!! :) You all have a great holiday weekend..
God Bless
Thanks Stew. I finally profiled this blade. Its going to have small damascus bolsters and a white corian handles and mosaic pins.. .. But Im getting ahead on myself.. Its gota make it through HT first.. :) I am going to Heat treat this then do my grinds. This will take me more time and I will have to be very careful not to overheat the blade. But at this point, I would rather take the extra time grinding, then have to start over on this blade again! :)

Heres a quick photo I took this morning.. The blade is aprox.11 1/2" with a OAL of 16 1/2

After HT Ill continue with photos of the build.

This is were it gets fun for me!
God Bless


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Hello again, Its been a good week. getting lots done in the shop and having a blast!

I finally got around to grinding this blade and Randy Jr. Is not quite the photographer that I am.. But he took a few pics. First of the blade post HT then I scribe my center marks.
Then I ground to my marks at about a 45* angle.


I use my Giz grinder for this with a 50G Blaze belt.


Then I switch machines to my NWG with a flat platen and start the flats on the blade.


Because this blade was HT B4 doing my grinds. This part took some time.. I run sharp belts and dip as often as needed. On a blade this size it takes a little time. So I get to become one with the blade and the grinder. :)


Back to the Giz for some slight convexing to the blade and cleaning up my grinds. etc.. and here it is..


Thats is for today, Ill etch it tomorrow. time to get a bite to eat and a shower! Thanks for checking this out. Its been alot of fun. I cant wait to etch this blade! :)

God Bless