My first WIP Mosaic damascus "Sujihiki"

Wow! Looking like an outstanding blade Randy! I can't wait to see it etched either!!
Great and Randy Jr. make quite a team....wish I could have done something like this with my dad.
Fond memories are being made....
Thanks guys.. Its truly a blessing to have Jr in the shop.. Thanks for the great complement!

Today I finished sanding the blade and prepping it.. Took it to mirror finish. By using Norax belts. Starting at 100 and working my way down to 15. Then I did filework from the tip all the way around the handle.. And finally.. What I had bee waiting for all day.. I dipped it in ferric to etch it.. :) WOW. Its amazing, if I do say so myself!!!!!

Here are some photos of the finished blade.. etched and ready for handles!

What ya Dog's think?

Thanks for looking and stay tuned. Im almost done!!! :)
WOW! That is an amazing piece of work! You guys never cease to amaze me with your damascus work.
Wow is right - That blade came out fantastic!! You guys do some really good work together, but I think you already know that though. Thanks for doing the WIP, I know I found it to be fascinating.
Thanks Guys, Jr. and I make a good team! This one has been quite a challenge. but we endured and overcome the challenges.. and by your kind responses to the thread. I know it was worth it.. But I will say Ill be even happier when this bad boy is completed and delivered. :)

On a side note, Im heading to the lake for some much needed R&R. Talk to ya all when we get back!

God Bless!
Bruse Bump look out !!!!! theres a bad moon rising

Im not worthy!!!! Bruce is a master at his craft and quite possibly the best knife maker in the world! IMHO. Hes also one heck of a nice guy.. and im proud to call him a friend. :)
But the truth is, were just a little fish in a big pond.. But we sure are trying hard to get better with each knife.. And thats the important part, right after Have fun!

Catch ya later guys, Im going fishin!
Finally finished!

Hey Dogs, I just finished up the knife and have some photos.. The knife ended up at 16 1/2 inches OAL with a 11 3/8 inch cutting edge.

This has been fun. Enjoy the pics. and thanks for checking out the WIP!!!

Also want to say Thank you to Mr Bruce Bump, he is a inspiration to Jr. and I count myself blessed to call him friend. :)

God Bless
Randy, and Randy Jr.







Nice ,real nice ...... If your "But the truth is, were just a little fish in a big pond." then i'm bait LOL LOL that one nice knife ..
Lol my pops might be bait but i"m a bass or a frog lol mr. Randy that is as nice as any knife i've ever seen ,better because your a friend ha ha ha dang good job !!!!!!!!!
Randy and JR, thats one of the finest patterns I've seen. I'm a proud papa to be mentioned in this thread. I cant teach you guys anymore on pattern development. Outstanding work!!
Thanks Allen! Im glad you liked the WIP and the knife! :) It was alt of fun to do. I hope to be able to do another some time soon!

Clint, Thank you my friend.

Darci, Your just too cute! lol I think you may be a Bass!! lololol :) :p :D This one was fun and very challenging.. We are gona continue to make kitchen knives just that reason.. :)

Bruce, Thank you sir. Your too kind.. I certainly hope you dont ever stop doing your awesome WIP's We all love to see them. :) your work is second to none.. IMHO!