What's going on in your shop?


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Thank you. This is the third knife I’ve used this handle style. It is pretty comfortable.

Nice knife you just posted. What is that nice looking wood?
Double dyed maple. It has a real camo look to it. Orange liners and natural micarta pins. Granddaughter has a basketball game tonight so I'll try to get on it tomorrow. :)


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Getting ready to learn to heat treat 80CrV2. I have parks aaa quenchant on the way at $100.00+/gallon by the time it's landed here. I'm going to try medium oil first. I see some quenching in parks 50 but don't know enough to tell what I'm looking for for results between the two quenchants.

Here's my line up. 006.JPG 006.JPG I'm planning to austenize the four square peices at 1475 to 1550 going up by 25 degrees at a time with short soaks.
Then I'll harden the four skinners at the temp that showed the best grain.
Those will be tempered differently. Then final ground, sharpened and tested out.
Then I'll move on to the larger knives with the best results from the skinners.

Only thing I'm worried about is that I won't have accurate results because there three variations of sizes. Otherwise I'm good to go here pretty soon.

I was planning on edge quench but found a post yesterday by Mr. Doyle that he stopped differential hardening this steel. John if you read this is this still what you're doing? The last knife on the bottom right will definitely be a full quench in light of John's post. But I'll probably go back and bring all the spines and tangs all up to 220 for a full quench. (And drill holes).

Sound good? Sorry for the double picture, wife is calling and can't figure out how to delete it.
Luciousx5, that is beautiful my friend.

Right now I'm trying to get as many blanks ground as I can to ship out to Brad at Peters. A few more of my Stryker's, doing a one off for a buddy, and the one I'm most excited about is this Puukko.

I've never done a Puukko believe it or not. This one is going to be a gift, but I may make some for sale in the future.

Will be cool to do as I am doing the same with this as I do with all my knives. CPM3V, Carbon Fiber scales & Titanium hardware. In a world of beautiful artwork & craftsmanship, it will be of one agenda....high performance! About a 4.125" long blade & 8.5" oal. This is just pre hear treat. The bevel grind will be approx half the width of the blade in the end.