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    Filet O Thumb

    That's an awesome piece Ray! Love the artwork on it. Really makes the whole thing flow nicely.
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    Deer Crown Skinner & Sheath

    I'm a sucker for a good gimmick! And I like being able to choke up on a knife. Every now and then in really comes in handy.
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    Filet O Thumb

    I like the Numb Thumb Brothers. Let's go with it. That looks like it was a pretty nasty accident! Glad you were able to keep the thumb! Will you still have full motion with it once it heals? I can't bend my thumb as far any more. A lot of my lasting issues from the unjust are because I stayed...
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    Filet O Thumb

    Glad to hear you kept the thumb. My first year fishing in Alaska, I managed to get my thumb caught in our anchor winch... It was a pretty severe break. I still have numb spots and it's been kinda deflated ever since.
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    Deer Crown Skinner & Sheath

    Looks good Ray! Is the intention of that ricasso design to use it as a finger swell if you want to choke up on the handle or just 'cause it looks cool?
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    What is my favorite book in the Bible?

    Interesting. I've never heard anyone claim that Timothy wrote Hebrews... Seems like the three most commonly put forth as potential authors are Paul, Barnabas, and Apollos. Regardless of who wrote it, it's a fantastic book.
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    What is my favorite book in the Bible?

    Amen to that! And thanks for sharing your reasons. I don't know that I'll ever form much of an opinion on who wrote Hebrews to be honest, but I really like hearing the different reasons different people have for believing what they do in the matter. Blessings, Peter
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    What is my favorite book in the Bible?

    Ray, you should check out John Piper's sermon series on Romans. John Piper is probably my favorite pastor and he is REALLY good. Probably the best Bible teacher I'ver ever heard. He likes Romans too. It took him eight years to preach through the whole book. : ) His series on Hebrews is also...
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    Stolen knife alert, from the TSA area

    Glad to hear you found it! That would be a shame if someone had actually stolen it. If it makes you feel any better, I don't have to go on a trip to lose a knife. I can do it in the shop...
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    Feb. 2013--Bubble Jig with a mystery damascus billet to grind on giveaway.

    Awesome give away! Thanks for the opportunity. I'll take 030.
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    Guard or no guard? What do you think would work for this blade?

    I know you said you don't want to overpower the blade with an imposing guard, but I think a D-guard could look really good with that blade...especially if you have some more damascus to do it out of. : ) Just my two bits.
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    "Baptism" Fighter

    Good lookin' knife! How do you finish your wrought iron? Is it just sanded to a high grit and etched?
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    In the wake of tragedy.

    I got to hear Ravi Zacharias speak just a few weeks ago. He's a very powerful speaker. I've also been reading a lot of C.S. Lewis's works lately. He has one called "The Problem of Pain" that deals with pain and evil in the world. It's quite compelling (but then again, so is everything Lewis...
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    The Most Defining Sermon on Christianity I've Ever Heard

    Recently, I've been listening a lot to the sermons of John Piper (almost one a day for the past two weeks). I started in 1 Peter just by chance. He takes about seven sermons to make it to verse 13 of chapter one, but I think it's one of the best sermons I've ever heard. It's worth taking the...
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    Bruce Bump uses 1018 for guards... I figure that counts for something. :)